Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chasing The Tail Of My Darkness

“I have spent years chasing the tail of my darkness.”

"God I hate it when people get all deep on Twitter. What does that even mean? Twitter is for jokes and links that let people know how into politics you are, right?" She looks to him for affirmation. He barely looks up.

"I don't know. You're such a cynic. And always so judgmental. Does anyone ever do anything that is okay with you? Can people just say shit?" He rolls his eyes and lets out a deep breath.

"Jeez. How long have you been saving that breath? You used to like my daily deconstruction of the bullshit I found on the Internet. What is that saying, 'the thing that draws you to someone is the thing that you ultimately end up hating about them..." She hasn't looked up from her phone since the conversation started.

"Um, I think you're thinking of, 'We despise most in others what we hate about ourselves.'"

She smiles. "Well, that's pretty fitting here. Isn't it?" She glances over at him. He still hasn't looked up. "We never do anything fun anymore. And now we can barely even talk about the shit that we're not doing together. What the hell kind of relationship are we in if we can't even make fun of a Chuck Norris tweet together?" 

"You're right," he says, finally looking at her. "This relationship sucks." 

"I was joking. Is that really how you feel?" This time her eyes stay locked on her phone.

"You always do this." He stands up and walks to the window. "I fucking hate it. You throw shit at the wall to see if anything will stick. And then when something does stick - you act like you have no idea how the shit got up there. Then I have to clean it up. Apologize. Talk you off the ledge. I'm sick of this shit. What are we even doing here?" 

She looks out the window he's not standing near anymore. "Chasing the tail of our darkness, I guess." 

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  1. This was fantastic so drawn in I want to know what happened next. Great writing!!!!!!

  2. Very realistic conversation. It's funny how in relationships the silly stuff usually holds a key to the major cracks-in-the-foundation stuff.

  3. Lol that 'you throw shit on the wall' line made me giggle :P Loved the story as it depicts the typical conversations in relationships. And I definitely hate twitter :P

  4. I loved the dialogue and the way you brought it full circle.

  5. okay. so I literally snorted when I read the beginning because of the prompt and the fact that people weren't really digging it, I don't think. but then you turned it into this whole story about their relationship. and we don't even have their names yet you truly say SO much. awesome.

  6. This is great! The conversation is very real, and believable.

  7. Oh, I love this! Especially the way you brought the line back at the ending with a completely different tone. Excellent dialogue and tension. Nicely done! :)

  8. Tough stuff! I like the way you've used the tension in the prompt to kick off a difficult conversation, as if the tweet set off the fracture.