Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Against the Death Penalty, But...

I'm against the death penalty - but not for the reasons that you may think. I really don't give a shit if a vicious, violent criminal rots in jail or even dies for their crimes. I'm adamantly against the death penalty in this country because I think our judicial system is flawed and racist. When we stop convicting innocent people because of our own prejudices - I may be totally pro death penalty. That will never happen - so I'll always be against it.

This brings me to the situation in India and the rage that I feel. I can't stop thinking of that young woman who had her life violently taken from her on that bus. Jyoti Singh Pandey. That's her name. Her father released it yesterday to "give courage to other women."

There was news of women in India beating and stripping a public official who had been accused of rape. Many people think violence begets violence and this won't help anything. I think it's about time. I can't think about these crimes with a level head. I'm sick and tired of women constantly being targets - and having to defend their right to simply exist. The crime in India has everyone in an uproar because of it's blatant brutality. But in most other rape cases, there is always some blame attributed to the victim. We have to defend our right to our clothes, our lifestyles, even the time of day that we leave the house.

Those violent beasts in India are being fast-tracked to trial - and maybe the death penalty. I'm glad. But I would be happier if they would just release them into the crowds of protesters and let them tear them limb from limb.

I can't be better. I want this to end. I want these men dead. I finally get the term "by all means necessary."

Rapists get no sympathy from me. If an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - I'll walk around in darkness rather than let these crimes against women go unpunished.


  1. I have long believed that unless we are willing to get in the streets and possibly die for our principles instead of texting $10, we might get it together. Fire bombing would shut up Fox and Friends. I'd start with whatever gated community the Goldman Sachs posse lives in first though. Welcome to the dark side.

  2. I agree with every point of this article. I think rape is the one crime that people are 100% willing to pretend doesn't exist because it is so terrifying and disturbing. I think that unfortunately, tearing people limb from limb is the only way to get everyone to understand that we HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION AND MAKE IT STOP.

  3. I am 100% against the death penalty as well (in any country) but I see your point and I am also torn on this subject. As a survivor of a rape that went unprosecuted (for the usual reasons) I am disgusted and disturbed by the turn of events in India (and really, this has been going on there since the dawn of time).