Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Can't Quit You, New York. Oh Wait - Yes I Can.

I love New York.

I was born here, spent the early years of my life here, and always felt something pulling me back. It's been 10 years (which flew by) and now that I have a child and one on the way - city life is really wearing me down.

I tried to ignore it - I really did. But it's becoming clearer and clearer that I'm craving the conveniences of the suburban life that I left behind when I moved here.

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  1. Are you really moving? GASP... totally get it.

    1. Yes - in a month. I should be packing right now, actually. Instead I'm procrastinating on the Internet.

  2. Good for you Maria! James and I love NYC, SF, big cities with lots to do, but honestly we would not DO those things unless we were on vacation! Life changes and we have to change with it. And life IS more enjoyable for sure when not totally exhausted all the time. Good luck and can't wait to read your thoughts on Florida life :)