Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Astroglide! I Also Have To Say The Words "Sexual Shyness"

Who doesn't like big, fluffy hearts and lube?

I wouldn't know ANYTHING about this but I've heard your sex life can suffer after you have kids. That is so weird. I wonder why? It's not like you're so tired you fantasize about locking your family out of your house, dragging a cooler filled with white wine into your living room, covering said living room in blankets, and hiding under them while watching back to back episodes of Mob Wives for three days. I mean - who would want to do that when you could be making sweet love to your husband?

I'm not speaking for everyone here, but sometimes the thought of doing anything extra - even frolicking around with your hot husband/partner/whatever - seems so exhausting.  I'm no sex expert - but even I know that relationships flow easier when the sex is good.

So yes, I admit that my utter exhaustion takes a toll on my inner sex-goddess at times. Boo. I know I'm not alone. What's screwing up your sex life? Astroglide's Sexual Wellness Ambassador Dr. Yvonne Fulbright thinks it's "sexual shyness." That phrase make me cringe a little. I have a hard time thinking of us fearless ladies as shy. Especially those of us that have been through the very exposing event of childbirth. Kinda hard to be shy when every person in scrubs that walks through the door puts their hand in your vagina. But hey, it happens.

She's composed some tips for improving your sex life by getting over some humps. Seriously, no pun intended. I hate it when that word is used for any other reason than to describe an obstacle or a camel's back. This is my favorite, and the one I will share with you:
Tip 2: Read quality sex manuals. Knowledge is power, w/ a number of lovers insecure about their sexual expression b/c of ignorance. So educate yourself on techniques, erogenous zones, modes of seduction... in boosting your confidence and expanding your repertoire of ideas.
Yes! Why didn't I think of that? Seriously. I have never purchased a "sex manual" in my life. My best friend in grade school had a book called "Where Did I Come From?" It had these round, chubby cartoon characters falling in love, having sex and having a baby. They really drew them having sex! Peter-from-Family-Guy-looking cartoon characters! I don't think that counts as browsing a sex manual. I've considered researching Tantric practices, but I'm pretty sure it will fall into the same category as meditation - with nakedness. Too much pressure - not enough silence in my brain.

As usual, I digress. The point of this post is - bringing anything into the bedroom can help boost your sex life - including lube. If you think you are suffering from sex inhibitions, you should buy yourself one of the gazillion sex manuals that exists on the market. Why not? You can order the sex manual on Amazon or something and be totally discreet. And now, I'm hooking you up with free Astroglide - so you don't have to be shy about browsing the lube aisle in Target.

Win, win.

This is a sponsored post - which means I've been paid to write it - but you get free Astroglide, yo! Just follow this link to get your goods! I promise to only do sponsored posts if it means you get cool free stuff. Or if they give me a new mattress or a years supply of chocolate or something.


  1. Astroglide is the BEST!! Did you know it was originally produced for NASA? We are even bigger fans of it now that we have our girls.

  2. i have the Where Did You Come From book...the exact copy my parents used to teach me the goods in the 70s.