Sunday, December 2, 2012

All the tears in the world.

Last year, I met a lovely couple while I was sitting down at the bar having a drink after I got off work. They seemed to be on a date, and we joked about how rare it was to get out together when you have kids. The mentioned that they had twins, and that one of their twins needed a lot of special attention.

I ran into the father in the park a couple of months later - one twin running around like kids do, the other laying in his lap. I never did find out what health issues that beautiful little girl had - all I could do was wish that something would turn around.

A few months ago I saw the family again. Their beautiful son with his bright, blue eyes in tow. A lump formed in my throat when I didn't see their daughter with them. But I didn't really know them, it had been a long time since we met, and I certainly didn't feel comfortable asking if everything was okay.

Last night I got an email from a friend who knows the parents - their sons go to the same school. It was a request for contributions for a public art project to honor the year anniversary of  the death of their daughter, Lula. 

I wish all the tears in the world that are shed for another parent's loss could alleviate their pain for even one second. I know they can't, but I'll let them fall anyway.

The following are the details of the art project. It really only takes a second. If you want to contribute, please follow the directions below and send a jpeg along to Lula's mom.

Here is a link to her blog as well.  It is heart-breaking to read about such profound loss, but it is also such an amazing testament to a mother and father's love for their children. 


I'd like to ask you all to contribute to a short, simple public art project of sorts in the days 
leading up to the anniversary of Lula's death a year ago.

I would like you to write, paint, scrape, sew, arrange or otherwise imprint the name 
"Lula" somewhere, anywhere, take a photo of your "Lula" and send it to me by Monday 
evening (December 3).

You can tag it on a subway tile, write it in noodles on the kitchen counter, scrawl it in the sand, 
or arrange post-it notes on your office wall. Any size and composition you want. Whatever 
inspires you, where ever you are.  Uppercase or lowercase letters are all good. Bonus points to 
anyone with an airplane who can do that sky writing thing. 

You don't have to spend much time on it at all- 5 minutes is plenty (although feel free to 
spend as long on it as you want). You can do as many as you want but one is great.

Please send me the image(s) as a jpeg if possible.  Please include:
Your Name
Where you took the picture (ie my Living Room, Dayton, OH)

Email me by 9pm EST Monday, December 3 at:

Please Facebook this, forward it, and pass it on to any and everyone who might want to contribute.


  1. Oh my God. My heart is hurting so much. I will pass this along for sure.

  2. I found you through Meredith over at Pile of Babies. This is my first time reading. I feel it's kind of serendipitous because this really touched me, and the deadline is tonight! I still have time! Thank you for sharing this :)

    1. Meredith is one of my favorite internet friends, ever.
      I read your blog this week and now I want to move to Omaha.

  3. DUDE. This has worked me harder than you could know. I have read every post on Micaela's blog and have woken up every night with Lula on my brain. Sobbing for a little girl I never met. What is more important in the world than babies? NOTHING it turns out.I am tired of being cynical and pissy and elitist and all that other bullshit. I just want to be a nice person who hugs sweet little babies and then says it was yummy and cute. PARADIGM SHIFT. Nice work, Maria. This is what the web is for.

    1. I know. I wept for hours while reading her blog.

    2. Still weeping. I am so not the person who can ever look at videos or pics of sick kids b/c it gets me in this state. This time, I felt like I owed it to Lula. I'm so glad I did. The video of her on the beach is the most beautiful thing and is a stunning reminder of how pretty much everything we do is crap when thrown up against an image like that.
      She's like a New Year's Resolution come to life.