Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm not fat and lazy, I'm pregnant and tired

If you subscribe to this blog, or are a regular reader in any way, you have probably noticed the frequency of the posts has slowed down a bit in the past couple weeks. I'm working on that. I feel an upswing coming.

You see, I have spent the last few months in a constant state of crazy fatigue and mind-numbing nausea. I'm pregnant, and my body is handling it a little differently this time around.

With my last pregnancy, I was a little turned off by things in the first trimester, but I wasn't all, "holy shit get that disgusting (fill in the name of any food with taste or flavor here) out of my face before I puke. Gross." I work in a mother f-ing Mediterranean restaurant. It has become my own personal torture chamber. All the fantastic smells I once loved so much are making me want to cry and vomit. 

In addition to being that pregnant woman, I got a new job. Along with the personal essay I write for Mommyish every Thursday, I also cover news for them on the weekends. To the tune of ten stories in two days. 

This is a job that I love. It is right up my alley. I basically find news stories that I think readers of Mommyish would be interested in and give my take on the whole situation. I get to be opinionated and use my writing voice. It's kinda perfect. It was just a little overwhelming doing that amount of writing in the beginning. Come Monday - I don't want to write anything. I want to paint my toenails while I still can and take a nap. 

I'm now in my second trimester and starting to feel much better. I'm getting into a groove with my new gig and starting to feel a lot less creatively drained. So - I just have to find a few more hours in my day and the regular blog writing will begin again. 

See, I'm not a total flake. 

In the meantime, if you find yourself looking for time to kill on the weekends - be sure to head over to Mommyish and check out my stuff. It would be nice to have some of my readers commenting - as opposed to the average Mommyish commenter who seems to think I am really "judgemental." Where the heck would they get that idea?


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  1. Read a post u wrote on mommyish earlier today about ur "old eggs"... LMFAO!!! Didn't know it was u until I saw the author. Ur hilarious n how dare she gets so personal with u!! Good luck with the pregnancy and I pray all goes well. I also pray u don't pull all ur hair out having 2 kids u set the age of 3!!!! Lol