Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Contrary to what I had hoped, Sandy was nothing like Irene.

We were beyond lucky - at a high elevation in Brooklyn so we didn't suffer the flooding.  We never even lost power.  Besides anxiously listening to the whipping winds all night, my family was fine.  Actually, my family was asleep.  I was the one anxiously listening to the winds.

I knew the flooding was bad because I was able to watch it on the news last night until we lost cable.  But I never expected the news this morning.  The awful fires in Queens, the unbelievably horrifying scenario at NYU medical center as they lost back up generators and had to move patients in the dark - including 20 infants from the NICU.

I can't even imagine having to pack up my family and flee from a fire in the night.  Or having to move a newborn out of the NICU - in the middle of a horrific storm.  My heart goes out to everyone that is dealing with the aftermath of the storm - but especially these parents.

The storm definitely wasn't over-hyped.  What a disaster.


  1. Def a disastrous event! I'm happy that you and ur family r safe! I'm in Cleveland n we have no electricity:-( stayn at a hotel where normally it would be fun, but I just wanna go home! I told husband thanking God it could b like in NY or NJ!! Stay dry and safe!

  2. Sorry you lost power - I can't imagine having to entertain a child without it. Hope you guys get back into your house soon!

  3. I live in the Rockaways, my whole neighborhood is in shambles. It's been two weeks and we still don't have power or gas, it's a nightmare. Luckily I live on the second floor and we have a generator or we'd be stuck in a shelter. I'm glad you and your family are safe, I was thinking about you guys during the storm!

    1. That is awful. I can't believe you guys are still without power! God, I hope you are getting some help. Is there anything I can do?