Monday, October 29, 2012

Disaster Preparedness

Unless you live in a cave or are one of those weird people that doesn't have television, you've probably heard about Hurricane Sandy.  Don't call her a Frankenstorm anymore, CNN decided that was disrespectful.

All subways were shut down last night and people are generally freaking out.  I don't like to be left out of a good freak-out, so I decided yesterday that I too, should go to Target to stock up on some provisions.

Look at Grand Central Station! Empty. Creepy.

As you can imagine, there were shopping carts filled with water and people scrambling to get stuff off the shelves.  There was no fucking tuna left at all.  I stood there, confused, wondering why I was there. I had already boiled some water and filled some pitchers in my fridge because I love Mother Earth, and didn't want to buy 48 sport bottles to get me through the possibility of a few days without water.

What to get?  What to get?  I briefly browsed the Halloween candy section and bought a bag of Snickers.  Then I grabbed a jar of peanut butter, some graham crackers, some Ritz and Cheez Wiz, a loaf of bread and called it a day.  What a colossal waste of time.  It did prevent me from being a shut-in all weekend.  At least I got a nice little walk.

I guess we'll just be sitting around all day, watching the addictive storm coverage.  Lucien is super fun when he is trapped in the house all day.  Super fun.

Stay safe everyone.  Hopefully this is just super-hyped up like Irene was in NYC and we'll be back to business as usual tomorrow - with a lot of extra bottled water.


  1. oh wow that pic IS super super creepy!!! i'm freaking out for you guys and am nowhere near it (in Chicago). it's just scary knowing something might be coming yet not knowing. hopefully it's all super-hyped, like you said.

  2. Hope you're safe...I am now convinced that this is real and not hype. I am "hunkered down" in DC. We're getting slammed but I think you guys have it even worse. My 22 month is going bonkers so I feel you on that one. No fun. Stay safe!

    1. We were really lucy, never lost power. But what a disaster. I feel so bad for everyone hit hard by this.