Friday, June 1, 2012

Be nice or leave. You're welcome, bloggers.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about being attacked in cyberspace.  Well, maybe attacked is a little dramatic.  A more accurate description is probably disagreed with.  Only, some people are really mean when they disagree with you- and that is annoying as hell.  I mean, you can disagree with me- but you don't have to call me names.  Sheesh.

I got a lot of response from other bloggers who have gone through this.  My favorite was from my new Twitter friend Emily, who attempted to make me feel better by telling me that someone had called her an ass clown.  And fat.

Holy shit.  I am way too sensitive to be called fat.   Ass clown would probably just make me laugh and take a screen shot for a future post.  Anyway, a genius idea came to me today while reading through some comments.  Why not make some blog bling that tells readers the rules?  And for me, there is only one rule.

Be nice.  Or leave.

So I made this...

Don't you want this cute little badge on your blog?

The badge has two functions.  First, it informs possible jerks that you don't want to be called an ass clown, or fat.   Also, when you cut and paste the following code on your site, when your readers click on it- it will bring them to my new, struggling-to-get-viewers-and-followers blog.

I help you lead a more serene blogging life.
You help me get more readers to my blog.


  1. I used to blog a lot on livejournal and boy did I know what you are talking about. One time, I made a comment about Burning Man and you would think I said their mothers were herpes spreading whores cause then came the verbal attacks... the insults flew from everything to my weight, looks, personality and assumptions about my life. Note to self, don't ever piss off people who wear faux fur leggings in the desert. Oy vey.

  2. Stopping by from SITS

    People are so mean. One time a lady told me that I should never be allowed near a child ever. I'm a mom and a teacher. I bet she was a big fat ass clown.

  3. Visiting from SITS Girls ..

    I can totally relate to how you feel. I run a cat group/forum and have came across some really nasty people who like to cyber-bully. You wouldn't believe some of the horrible things they have called me just because they disagree or don't get something their way. I guess they think because they're behind of a computer screen, they can be that way without ever having to show their face - just goes to show how childish they are.

    Love your new button!