Thursday, February 16, 2012

What the f*@# is going on?

From Planned Parenthood: These are the witnesses testifying on the birth control benefit right now on Capitol Hill.  What is wrong with this picture?

From my brilliant, journalist sister: Want to know what's wrong with this picture?  BETWEEN them, these dudes have no ovaries.  Yet they are the witnesses testifying on the birth control benefit before Congress.  Witness IRONY.

God, we're not even trying to pretend that women have a say in what goes on with their bodies anymore.  Pathetic.

I recreated a bumper sticker that used to live on my 1985 Toyota Corolla.  Here it is.  I've added a little flair.


  1. LOVE that bumpersticker. I think my in-laws heads might explode if I drove up with that on... which would be totally worth it.

    A friend of mine went, "But there are plenty of female religious figures, even if you want a conservative view at least act like you care what women say by picking one of them." Clearly, this woman has never been around any *real* conservative Christians...

  2. Ugh, yeah, that photo makes me ill.

    Love the bumper sticker.