Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boy are we pissed, but not at Chris Brown.

Boy are we pissed.  But not at Chris Brown.

I mean, why would we be mad at him- he didn't do anything did he?  Oh yeah, he beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp.  But she forgave him.  Oh actually, I think she hit him first.  Anyway, he did his time- it's old news.  How long does he have to pay for this anyway?  Can we get over it?

The real news are these crazy, stupid young women.  I mean, what is up with them?  Why are they perpetuating the acceptance of domestic violence?  Seriously, someone should do something about this. 

I'm pretty disgusted today, but not at these young women.  Don't ask the question, why are these young girls lining up to be beat up by Chris Brown?  Ask yourself, "why wouldn't they?"  I mean, we've been brainwashing them for years.  And now we can see that it's working- hooray!

Nothing says "jeans" like a floating female corpse.  Nice ass!

You won't even need a tie to look suave in this power suit, so feel free to choke your girlfriend to death with it.
Um, don't even know what to say about this one.

 Our young women have been brainwashed by all of this crap- do you understand that?  You're an object, you are powerless, you are disposable.  Oh, and you look great dead.  Why don't you try getting that message, every damn day, for all of your formative years and see how you would be doing.

We don't give a shit about women.  Don't fool yourself.  And we are inundated with these images, so much so, that they don't even affect us anymore.  You're probably thinking, right now, God- I can't believe she is bringing this tired, feminist argument up again.  What the hell does this have to do with Chris Brown?

Michael Vick, convicted dog fighter, took more slack than Chris Brown.  Yes, I love animals too.  No, it wasn't right.  But, really- do we value our young women, less than we value some dogs?  I think so.

Here are some quotes from Simon Cowell, famous for being an American Idol judge.  A very outspoken one.  This dude has no filter.  This dude speaks the truth.  Where does he weigh in?
Regarding Michael Vick:  "Vick should never ever, be publicly supported again- ever."
Regarding Chris Brown:   "It's very difficult when you don't hear exactly what happened, but I think most people are forgiving, if you are sincere about it."

I'm not calling Simon Cowell out, he just happened to illustrate my point perfectly.  There are some things we are totally disgusted about, as a society.  Harming a dog is one of them.  Harming a woman is not.

For the love of Christ- we just decriminalized domestic violence in a major American city.  If that doesn't scream, we don't give a shit about you, women- I don't know what does.

So, back to these girls, that everyone is so disgusted by today.  I'll tell what is wrong with these girls.  We have failed them, as a society, as role models- we are failing.  And Music Industry, you failed big time this weekend, when you showed the world, and all of these young women- that no one really cares.  Here's your award young man!  Congratulations on being a great performer!  Don't worry about that little Rihanna thing.  Nobody cares anymore.  Go Team Breezy!

Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.  Everyday in the US, more than 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.  This is a plague on our country- and a hell that women can not escape.  We should be ashamed, very ashamed.  And we should be asking a lot of questions- but not to these young women.  They are not the problem.  They are the future generation, that doesn't give a shit about themselves because we have all been condoning all of these messages that say loud and clear,
You don't matter.
You are not safe.
Give up and give in.


  1. You have put into words what I've been thinking about since I saw that BuzzFeed link. There is so much that is tragic about the way our culture views women as less than animals, and perhaps the most tragic thing is that we just let it happen. Even our politics put women last. I think it's more important to teach our children that *everyone* deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and that all people are equal, regardless of what the Grammys, our politicians, and the media would have us believe. The basic life principle I hope to teach my son is BE NICE TO EVERYONE OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  2. My husband and I discussed this last night after drinking a bottle of scotch to get over what these girls are saying about letting Chris Brown beat them up... we decided that we could support Michael Vick because not only was he openly apologetic, but he did serious time, he's put a lot towards animal shelters and seems to be genuinely sorry for what he did.

    Chris Brown? He went jet skiing. And then, when Usher said it was tasteless, Hollywood made USHER apologize.

    Horse. Shit.

    Also-- what you just said.

  3. You are SO RIGHT! As the mother of a daughter AND the child of a domestic abuse household i am appalled and disgusted by people's reaction to the whole Chris Brown situation, and im horrified that anyone would even think that girls ask for it or that it is their fault!! Its like it doesnt even matter than he beats his girlfriends and has anger issues, he doesnt get punished for it he gets more press and awards for it! i have never liked his "music" and liked him even less after the Rhianna situation...i can only hope that one day karma will come back and bite him in the ass sometime soon, its such crap that he gets rewarded for such awful negative behavior!

    1. Yes, I do believe in karma- which provides a great comfort when you see stuff like this.

  4. and in response to M...you are right as well! for a long time i was so disgusted by the actions of Michael Vick, but youre absolutely right at least he had a consequence for his actions and did and does continue to be apologetic and i have to say your comment really opened my eyes completely to that fact so thank you :-)

  5. I can never understand why people still listen to Chris Brown! I have not for given him even if Rihanna incident and I never plan to. I refuse to listen to his music. Maria you ate absolutley right we need to focus on the issue that our society is teaching young women they are basically wothless. What happened to the days of gentlemen anyway....you know treating a lady like a lady....what happened to the real men who would never lay a hand on a woman??? I hope to raise my son not only to respect and treat everyone well, but to be a true gentlmen.

    1. Sorry for all the typos! I was speed typing on my phone and didn't proof read. Oops lol

  6. http://viewsfromthecouch.com/2012/02/12/you-didnt-thank-me-for-punching-you-in-the-fac/

    An article one of my friends posted on facebook this morning which is relevant and a good read!

    I understand your frustration when it comes to the stigmas between animal abuse and violence against women. I don't want to sound like I'm against you in your beliefs (because I'm not) but here's my take on why it got to that point: animals can't stick up for themselves or tell their side of the story. You abuse an animal, people see it as just that. People, on the other hand, can speak up. And every time there are two sides to the story. Society as a whole (I believe) is so mistrusting in others that they can never take these claims at face value and would rather err on the side of caution and not take a stance on the issue. People would rather ask "Well, what if she isn't telling the truth?" than bad mouth a celebrity simply because he's good looking and talented. It's messed up, yes, but what can we do to change this? Because as much as I would like to view the world differently, I know that people lie- but having grown up in a household of abuse I *want* to believe every woman that says she's going through what she says she's going through and leave the burden of proof on the abusers shoulders. I just wish everyone else saw it this way too.